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Conference: Intangible Cultural Heritage Today. Field Studies From Southeast Europe

Conference: Intangible Cultural Heritage Today

Afia magarus

In many communities, the transmission of oral literature is still a daily practice. The repression of dialects/ varieties under the influence of dominating literary languages and of even more dominating media, technology, and geopolitical pressures has lead to the disappearance (language death) and decline of the “spoken word,” spreading little variation and building language canons. Folk epics, folklore, proverbs, and folksongs have preserved both for centuries: systems of knowledge, such as people’s wisdom and language aesthetics (ways of telling), break down.

The Slavistics and Caucasus Studies in Jena would like to invite you to the conference "Intangible Cultural Heritage in Southeast Europe." Experts engaged in documenting minority language varieties will debate the diversity of oral culture with papers that involve fieldwork data. The focus will be on the maintenance of these varieties today, especially among local and regional groups surrounded by larger literary cultures.

Active speakers from different language groups in Southeast Europe and the Caucasus will remind us that cultural knowledge and language aesthetics of the spoken word may turn into a vanishing phenomenon, an aspect often marginalized within their own nations. How do established literatures and the weakening of regional languages or even language death influence the transmission of oral literature?

The conference will analyze the changes that scriptality have brought into the oral tradition by examining some linguistic communities around the Balkans and the Caucasus, moving towards Asia.


Thursday, June 29th

16 Uhr – Welcome
16:20 – Prof. Dr. Ljiljana Marks (Zagreb)
Grimms Märchen in kroatischen mündlichen Überlieferungen und gedruckten Sammlungen des 20. Jhs.
17:00 – Dr. Teodora Kiryakova-Dineva (Blagoevgrad)
Volkslieder und Volksglauben im Pirin-Gebirge – Mündliche Überlieferungen der Pomaken in Bresnica
18:20 – Dr. Zvjezdana Vrzić (New York, Rijeka)
The use and value of oral history in collaborative language documentation – Documenting and preserving endangered languages of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia
17:40 – Chingis Azydov, Doktorand (Elista)
Kalmyk folk song genres in terms of loss of language and traditions
19:00 – Discussion
19:30 – Dinner at Herakles (Grietgasse 6, Jena)
Friday, June 30th

10:15 Uhr – Welcome
10:20 – Dr. Sofiya Zahova (Reykjavík)
Entanglement of oral and written tradition in the works of Balkan Romani authors
11:00 – Melike Üzüm, Doktorandin (Ankara)
The transfer of oral tradition in an endangered language – Posha
11:40 Prof. Dr. Thede Kahl (Jena, Vienna)
Remembering Grebene/Grevena. Songs and stories of Greek speaking Muslims in Turkey (Patriyot/ Valaades)
12:30-14:00 Lunch break
14:00 – Prof. Dr. Kleanti Anovska (Skopje)
Institutionalized research of Vlach folklore and ethnology in Macedonia
14:40 – Andreea Pascaru, Doktorandin (Jena)
Searching for Nasreddin. Story telling in Farsherot Aromanian (rramaneshti)
15:20 – Dr. Elguja Dadunashvili (Jena)
Fastnacht in Georgien: Zur digitalen Erschließung von Feldforschungsdaten
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30 – Dr. Arbnora Dushi (Prishtina/ Priština)
Albanian folk songs and the historical remembrance: Why some songs survive the time?
17:15 – Discussion (results, publicationcooperations, future project cooperation)
19.30 Uhr – Merak at "Bulgarische Stube" (Porstendorf)

Anmeldung und Organisation:Andreea Pascaru (, Prof. Th. Kahl (

Zeitraum: 30.11.-1